William Beardmore – Transport is the Thing

Author: K. A. Hurst
Publisher: NMSE Publishing

William Beardmore, the ambitious entrepreneur, summed up his peacetime strategy after World War I with the simple sentence, 'Transport is the Thing'. He planned on a large scale and built transport for land, sea and air, endlessly seeking partnerships and encouraging innovation. By expanding the business which began with his grandfather in 1815, Beardmore was destined to make a considerable impact on the history of Scottish engineering.
However, William Beardmore, the flawed visionary, lacked the technical knowledge to discriminate between genuine engineering advances and mechanical curiosities. Unable to delegate responsibility, serious mistakes were often made. In the midst of a diminishing economy, the Beardmore empire eventually collapsed.
This book traces the growth of Beardmore's industrial empire, concentrating on its automotive achievements. It also includes the development of aero engines, motorcycles and airships. 'Transport is the Thing' reveals the inside story of William Beardmore and the people who designed and built his pioneering products. This is the story of a remarkable man and his struggles and successes.

Out of print

Published 2004

Price: £

ISBN: #978-1901663532

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