Crossley – The Rise of the Sidevalves

Author: Tom Fryars
Publisher: Gorton Publishing

The Crossley Motors works competition team participated at sprint events between the years 1910 and 1914. Tom Fryars' new book details the story of their success and outlines the motorsport scene in Britain in the years prior to World War 1, where these efficient but lower-capacity cars beat and took over from those where ever-increasing capacity had been the only route for development. The author has amassed photographs of almost all of the events entered and this well-illustrated book also covers the stories of the works drivers Hubert Woods and Cecil Bianchi. Tom has personal experience of these cars as the restorer of the only remaining 1912 20HP Crossley. Available from

Published 2020


Price: £35.00

ISBN: #978-1527268753

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