Aspects of Motoring History 12

Author: Edited by Craig Horner
Publisher: Society of Automotive Historians in Britain

"Aspects of Motoring History" is an annual publication by the SAHB. As its name suggests, it comprises a selection of articles written by members on a variety of aspects of motoring history which do not in themselves merit a book but are worthy of recording and of interest to motoring historians everywhere. Issue 12, edited by Craig Horner, features:

  • The Crossley Streamline by John Humphreys
  • A Grand Prix Peugeot by Richard Crump
  • The Rise and Fall of the Model T Ford in Britain by Chris Barker
  • Driving to the 'Super' Roadhouse by Michael John Law
  • Chas Crombie's Motoritis Cartoons by John Harrison
  • The first Motor-Car Journey in England: a Driving Controversy by Tom Clarke
  • Dellow - a Specialised Sports Car by John Warburton
  • Sir Ambrose Heal and the Automobile by Oliver Heal

In addition there are supplementary notes on articles in previous editions of "Aspects of Motoring History" as well as Craig's thoughtful editorial.

Published 2016

Out of print

Price: £12.50

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