Petroleum Collectables

Author: Mike Berry
Publisher: Shire Publications (now part of Bloomsbury)

In 1967 Beaulieu held the first autojumble in the United Kingdom and collectors of anything remotely connected with motoring found they had a huge market place. Early petrol pumps look very attractive, as do the globes that go on top. Enamel advertising signs are a popular collector’s item and the petrol companies produced many of these. Petrol sold in two-gallon cans for many years; hundreds survive and, like stamps, are closely scrutinised by collectors for variation from standard. Now anything to do with petrol retailing is a collectable item and in this book Mike Berry outlines some of the thousands of pre-Second World War items which now come under the title of ‘petroleum collectables’ or ‘petroliana’.

About the author

Mike Berry started collecting petrol cans in the early 1980s and now has Britain’s largest collection. He then went on to collect oil cans, petrol pumps and enamel signs and now anything to do with petrol will find a place in his collection.

70 b/w illustrations, paperback. The book is available by following this link: Bloomsbury - Heritage

Published 2004

Price: £6.99

ISBN: #978-0747805953

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