Alpine Trials and Rallies

Author: Martin Pfunder
Publisher: Veloce Publishing

This book charts how the Alpine Trials spread from Austria to Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany. There are lists all the winners of Alpine Cups through six decades and details the French Alpine's itinerary. This book also recalls the Rolls-Royce performance of 1913 in Austria and tells how Jaguar established its sporting reputation through the Alpine Rallies .

The predecessor of today's international rally sport, the alpine trials and rallies of 1910 onwards were an incredible test of endurance for early pioneers and their cars. Becoming ever more international, the event would continue in various forms until 1973. This book, written by a seven time Alpine Rally competitor, is an in-depth history of this incredibly demanding event. Illustrated with unique photographs and images of rally medals and trophies, this is an excellent book for the rallying enthusiast.

Out of Print

Published 2006


Price: £

ISBN: # 978-1904788959

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