The 3-Wheelers Almanac

Author: John Cleve Graham
Publisher: Bookmarque Publishing

Three wheeled vehicles have been present since the dawn of the motoring age. At one time the Leon Bollee tricycle was the fastest self-propelled conveyance that could be purchased and the De Dion Bouton-engined tricycle one of the most numerous on the roads. Long associated with economy, three wheelers were also present in the ranks of the sporting cars with Morgan being one of the longest-lived and most successful exponents of this genre. In the 1950s the economy car boom prompted by the scarcity of oil in Europe gave impetus to a new generation of three wheelers to add to the more established Reliant and Bond Minicar brands with the likes of Isetta, Heinkel, Messerschmitt and Peel to name just four to enter the fray.

This almanac brought together in one book details of over 1,200 different examples of the three wheeler car, from the earliest days of motoring through to more recent times. The publication did not require financial input from the Michael Sedgwick Memorial Trust but the approach from the author in Australia was successful in that he was put in touch with a specialist publisher in the UK who was willing to go to print with this niche volume.

Out of print

Published 1997

Price: £

ISBN: #978-1870519441

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