The Rise of Jaguar

Author: Barrie Price
Publisher: Veloce Publishing

This era of the Jaguar company's history tends to be a 'Cinderella' period, often glossed over by historians more interested in the 'XK era'. These twenty-two years, nevertheless, are those in which the foundation of the company's success as a motor manufacturer was laid and they represent the period in which the marque's character was clearly defined.

This was the first book dedicated to Jaguar's formative years and the company's evolution from SS, through SS Jaguar, to Jaguar.

Between the covers Barrie Price charts the development of the company and records the successful management strategies - including the relationship with Standard - that almost miraculously allowed the company to prosper and grow at a time when many others went to the wall. Barrie looks, too, at how the cars developed and analyses individual models and their specifications in the light of contemporary expectations, and in relation to their competitors.

Barrie's researches show that, ultimately, Jaguar's success was due in the main to the energy, foresight and  business acumen of William Lyons, who was still only in his twenties at the beginning of this fascinating story...

Out of print

Published 2004

Price: £37.50

ISBN: #978-1904788270

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