The Book of the Standard Motor Company

Author: Graham Robson
Publisher: Veloce Publishing

Starting with the original Standard prototype of 1903, this definitive and highly illustrated record covers the scores of Standard models built until the brand was discontinued in 1963 (Britain) and 1987 (India).It also covers the Ferguson tractor involvement and the manufacture of military aero-engines (including the Rolls-Royce Avon turbo-jet), military aircraft (including Beaufighter and Mosquito fighter-bombers) and of course, Triumph cars.

Graham Robson studied Engineering at Oxford University and joined Jaguar Cars as a graduate trainee, becoming involved in design work on the Mk II, E-Type and Mark X. In 1961 he joined Standard-Triumph as a Development Engineer, mainly on sports car projects. He then ran the re-opened 'works' motorsport department from 1962 to 1965. His writing career began with rally reports for magazines which evolved into a job with Autocar magazine from 1965 to 1969. He was recruited back to Rootes to run their Product Proving department, then after a brief period in 1972 as technical director of a safety belt company, became an independent motoring writer. Since then, he has written for publications in most English-speaking countries and has lived 'by the pen' and 'by the voice', not only writing but commentating, presenting and organising events of all types. In recent years he has done many video commentaries, script writing and video treatments. He has to date published more than 160 books. A keynote speaker and commentator for events as diverse as the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the International Classic Motorsport Show along with other major events in Britain, France, Northern Ireland, and North America.

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Published 2011

Price: £35.00

ISBN: #978-1845853434

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