Aspects of Motoring History 14

Author: Edited by Craig Horner
Publisher: Society of Automotive Historians in Britain

The Michael Sedgwick Memorial Trust has supported the fourteenth edition of 'Aspects of Motoring History' (commonly referred to as 'Aspects'), published by the Society of Automotive Historians in Britain ('SAHB'). This 'Aspects' is the eighth edition of this annual publication to be supported by the Michael Sedgwick Memorial Trust. It is free to full-members of the SAHB and a limited number of copies are available directly from the SAHB at Aspects | (

'Aspects', as its name suggests, comprises a selection of articles written by SAHB members (and others) on a variety of aspects of motoring history which do not in themselves merit a book but are worthy of recording and of interest to motoring historians everywhere. Issue 14, edited by Dr Craig Horner, features:

  • Ford's British Engineering and design facilities in the 1950s and 1960s by Nick Hull
  • H.G. Creasey & Sons (commercial vehicle body makers): a photographic essay by Stephen R.G. Creasey
  • Charles Lincoln Freeston (1865-1942): transport writer and journalist by Richard Fletcher
  • The electric commercial vehicles of the Walker Vehicle Company by Peter Moss
  • To Calshot by Cunard: the rise and fall of a coachbuilder by Tom Clarke and Will Morrison
  • A garage in Yeovil (Hebditch & Son) by Max Hebditch

In addition there is an obituary of Nick Georgano by Peter Card, supplementary notes on articles in previous editions of "Aspects of Motoring History" as well as Craig's thoughtful editorial.

Published 2018

Price: £12.50

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