MG Y-Type Saloons and Tourers

Author: John Lawson
Publisher: Motor Racing Publications Ltd

Prior to the publication of this book, the YA and YB saloons and the YT tourer had not been previously been singled out for a comprehensive history. Like other four-seater MGs both before and after them, they have been somewhat overlooked because the spotlight of popular attention has always tended to fall on their sports-car stablemates. Designed late in the 1930s but not introduced until 1947 because of the intervention of the war, the Y series of MGs were very much the products of a transitional phase as the Abingdon factory moved from the styles and methods of the prewar years towards more modern techniques. Consequently they combined elements of traditional British motor-building craftmanship, like the continued use of a separate chassis (albeit significantly more rigid than that of earlier designs) and a well appointed interior in which leather and wood trim were still to be found, with engineering innovations like independent front suspension, rack-and-pinion steering and a pressed steel body shell. To their devotees, they offer the best of both worlds. Author John Lawson, in his capacity as MG Y-type Registrar, spent more than 10 years amassing data on these models, and the result is an invaluable record for owners and would-be owners as well as an important component part of the whole history of MG. The origins of the series and the features of each version are described, and there are chapters on the XPAG engine, the cars in competition, special bodies, and what to look for when buying a Y-type. In addition to full specifications, extensive data includes chassis numbers, production figures, records of surviving cars, points of originality, a bibliography of magazine references and, particularly valuable for the restorer, a listing of alternative and equivalent parts numbers and sources.

Out of print

Published 1988

Price: £

ISBN: #978-0947981310

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