Applying for Help

Whether you are a writer, a researcher or a publisher, contact the Michael Sedgwick Trust with your idea or problem. You will receive a sympathetic hearing. You do not need to have written a book to apply, but it helps if you have, at the very least, a full synopsis of the content of the book, preferably with a sample chapter and a list of at least some of the illustrations. It also helps if you have contacted some publishers and established whether they would wish to publish the book and if not, why not. In the first instance contact the Secretary of the Michael Sedgwick Trust.

How judgements are made

Your request will be circulated to an appropriate number of the Trustees for comment prior to a full meeting of the Trustees. If necessary, outside advice will be taken from specialists. The Trustees meet on average three times a year, so a decision should be available within a few months. A ‘fast track’ decision-making process is available where, for example, topicality is important. The information the Trustees typically need to make a decision is listed under the tab “Authors Notes” which can be found on this link

Do you have a good idea?

You may have an idea for a publication which would fill a gap in motoring knowledge but do not have the skills to undertake it yourself. Tell us about it – perhaps we can help.

The MSMT Secretary: Ian Dussek, Churchers, Church Road, Upper Farringdon, Alton, Hampshire GU34 3EG or at