Road Signs

Author: Stuart Hands
Publisher: Shire Publications (now part of Bloomsbury)

Featuring road signs, direction, warning, boundary, and advisory, this book covers various aspects of traffic signage and signs. Road signs have never attracted the interest that railway signs have, perhaps because they are so commonplace. There have been direction signs ever since man began to travel, and boundary signs too, have a long history. Warning signs, however, did not become necessary until cycling and motoring became established at the end of the nineteenth century. Since then the British government has sought to regulate all aspects of traffic signage and signs are often altered to keep abreast of developments, but neverthless signs from bygone days can still be observed along Britain's highways today.

The book is available by following this link: Bloomsbury - Heritage

Published 2005

Price: £6.99

ISBN: #978-0747805311

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