Aspects of Motoring History 9

Author: Edited by Malcolm Jeal
Publisher: Society of Automotive Historians in Britain

The Michael Sedgwick Memorial Trust has supported the ninth edition of 'Aspects of Motoring History' (commonly referred to as 'Aspects'), published by the Society of Automotive Historians in Britain ('SAHB'). This 'Aspects' is the third edition of this annual publication to be supported by the Michael Sedgwick Memorial Trust. It is free to full-members of the SAHB and a limited number of copies are available directly from the SAHB at Aspects | (

'Aspects', as its name suggests, comprises a selection of articles written by SAHB members (and others) on a variety of aspects of motoring history which do not in themselves merit a book but are worthy of recording and of interest to motoring historians everywhere. Issue 9, edited by Malcolm Jeal, features:

  • The saga of the CEMSA Caproni by Malcolm Jeal
  • A slight diversion’ cartoons from "Punch"
  • The England family’s forty years of motoring by Bruce Dowell & Malcolm Jeal
  • Flat out – colour section of illustrations from "Flat out" by George Eyston. Artwork by Brian de Grineau
  • The adventurous life of Sir Alfred ‘Toby’ Rawlinson by John Dyson
  • A graphic example – through-the-axle front springs by Mike Harvey
  • Aids to research: motor show materials by Michael Worthington-Williams
  • Travelling back down the decades by Peter Card
  • Looking backwards and forwards – the programme of the 1914 French G.P.

In addition there is Malcolm's thought-provoking foreword

Published 2013

Price: £12.50

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