Russian Motor Vehicles: Soviet Limousines 1930-2003

Author: Maurice A. Kelly
Publisher: Veloce Publishing

A book concerning Russian Limousines, and the Chinese models that were initially derived from them, has never been attempted before. This book investigates the whole story of why the Soviet Communist Party required such a bourgeois product, and how production was subsequently achieved. Following the orders of Stalin, work on the Limousines commenced during the first Five Year Plan (1927-1933) at the Putilov Works, late the Kirov Zavod, where the Leningrad L-1 was made in a limited number. From these beginnings, the Moscow and Gorky models emerged, and later the Chinese-derived types made with Russian aid during the late 1950s. Covering all of these models, up to the last one produced in 2003, and featuring full specifications translated from the relevant primary sources in Russian and Chinese literature, this is a meticulous and unique account of a previously neglected subject. Features :

  • Unique English text providing full information on Soviet Limousine model production
  • In-depth research on a subject little known outside Russia
  • Full specification tables (all models)
  • Comprehensive guide, including derivatives of mainstream models
  • Most models feature photographs and line drawings of various aspects of design
  • Production dates and numbers, where known
  • Fully illustrated from Russian sources
  • Fully indexed

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Published 2011

Price: £12.99

ISBN: #978-1845843007

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