A-Z of Cars of the 1920s

Author: Nick Baldwin
Publisher: Bay View Books Ltd

A comprehensive listing of all known makes of car in Britain during the Vintage period 1919-1930, this illustrated encyclopaedia provides brief histories of all the vintage car makers - numbering in the hundreds - and more detailed discussion, with photographs, of representative models produced by the British manufacturers. In total over 380 British and foreign car makers are mentioned, with over 600 pictures.

Marques covered are from Abbey and Austin via Baby Blake and Bentley, through the Hatton-McEvoy and the London-Pullman to Warren Lambert, Xtra and Zephyr, the unusual and ephemeral rubbing shoulders with the commonplace.

Nick Baldwin is a well-known author of books on motoring subjects having published works on subjects from The Wolseley to Tractors and Heavy Goods Vehicles. At the time of writing this book and until recent years he was a Trustee of the MSMT. The other Trustees assisted with research and access to photographs and records for this book but no financial assistance from the MSMT was provided.

Out of print

Published 1994

Price: £

ISBN: #978-1870979535

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