Britain’s Motor Industry: The First Hundred Years

Author: G. N. Georgano, N. Baldwin, A. D. Clausager and J. Wood
Publisher: G. T. Foulis & Sons

This work records the full history of the British motor industry from 1896, when the first British-built vehicle was produced in series for sale to the public until its centenary. It examines closely the technical, social and economic aspects, and includes a number of first-hand interviews with men and women who were personally involved at the time. The book chronicles the graduation from the first French designed Bollee three-wheelers produced at Coventry's Motor Mills in 1896, through to today's high-volume cars manufactured by robots. It also charts the technical contribution to manufacturing and the role of computers in areas like product planning, design, engineering, material control and purchasing.

Out of print

Published 1995

Price: £

ISBN: # 978-0854299232

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