De Dion Bouton – The Essential Library & Source Book 1888 – 1931

Author: Michael Edwards
Publisher: Surrenden Press

Over the past few years, Michael Edwards has published books detailing De Dion Bouton Types and Specifications 1899-1904, 1905-914, De Dion Bouton Tricycles 1895-1902 and other tricycles using De Dion Bouton parts 1895-1902. During the research for these books, the author has collected an enviable number and variety of references to the marque and related subjects which he has now collated into this new book. For the first time, this book presents a full bibliography of the De Dion Bouton company, with charts of passenger and commercial vehicle production, and introductory essays on the key stages of the company’s evolution. Like the other books it is supported by the MSMT, published the author's own company, Surrenden Press and available at £45.00 from Surrenden Press at:

Published 2020

Price: £45.00

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