Ave Atque Vale

Author: Dave Cox
Publisher: Martin Publications

Containing nearly 200 pages and over 250 photographs and illustrations, many never before seen in print, Ave Atque Vale has been hailed as the definitive work on the Vale Special motor car and the Vale Motor Company. Extensively researched and based on personal diaries, letters and authentic records; it follows the car from conception, through production and onwards, with detailed records of cars and their owner histories to date. It is a compelling story, not just of the Vale Special, but of the personalities behind it that made this sports car possible.

The company was heavily involved in motor sport of the period, and many of the photographs show racing events at Brooklands and Donington, and the trials and rallies of the time.
The author has researched the history of the company for a number of years, and interviewed many of the surviving participants. Little has been written of this company in the past forty years or so, and even in Maida Vale where the car was built; the company is now largely forgotten. The author's devotion to this captivating book is to be appreciated and it will surely go down as the definitive record of the whole scene around the Vale Special Car

Published 2006

Price: £26.95

ISBN: #978-0955301001

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