High Speed Diary – The Life and Times of Reggie Ellis Tongue

Author: Reggie Tongue, Edited by Eric Dymock
Publisher: Dove Publishing

This is the biography of 1930's motor racing driver and latter Battle of Britain pilot, Reggie Tongue, who was only 22 when he drove in his first real motor race, the 24 Hour Grand Prix d'Endurance, at Le Mans. His family trustees had been against him taking part in speed events while at university, so although rallies and trials were deemed safe, at Le Mans he had to enter surreptitiously as "A Vincent". During practice, fearful of what would happen if he had an accident, he wired home confessing his duplicity. This account of the life and times of Mancunian Reginald Ellis Tongue is based on diaries, cuttings books, photograph albums, flying logbooks and reminiscences he tape-recorded three years before his death in 1992. His collection of race programmes, accounts books, and published articles are an epitaph on a full life and include telegrams and correspondence from Richard Seaman and dinner menus autographed by the great and the good of the time. Reggie Tongue's reliquary is interwoven with his own version of events, creating a portrait of his careers in motor racing, then as a fighter and later a Rolls-Royce test pilot. It is a social document of a time when motor sport was still essentially sport and flying, even in the heat of the Battle of Britain, was conducted in much the same style.

Out of print

Published 2002

Price: £

ISBN: #978-0953414253

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