Bugatti Magnum

Author: Hugh Conway and Maurice Sauzay
Publisher: G.T. Foulis & Co Ltd

More than thirty years of research on the life and work of Ettore Bugatti condensed into 560 pages. Thanks to the cooperation of State institutions and collectors contains a quantity of documents and photographs of great historical interest. Includes an analysis of Ettore Bugatti's achievements in the fields of automotive, nautical, aeronautics, horse-drawn vehicles  and rail, with discussion of his inventions, patents and design methods. There are details of the family's way of life during their years at Molsheim, the saga of the death of Jean Bugatti while testing a car and the plans for postwar revitalisation of the factory. Each member of the Bugatti family is covered in this book along with a long bibliography ensuring that the Bugatti enthusiast can leave no stone unturned. Contains the register with frame numbers etc. Each book was contained in a mock engine-turned slip case with numbered brass plate. 559 Pages, 800 monochrome photographs and 73 colour illustrations.

Out of print

Published 1989

Price: £

ISBN: #978-0854298006

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