The Story of Hampton Cars

Author: Trevor G. Picken
Publisher: Trevor G. Picken

The story of Hampton Cars is a fascinating mixture of history, geography and the many personalities involved. It is not merely a technical manual although that aspect is fully covered. This is an adventure story; its roots reach back centuries back into the past and push forward to the present day. The basis of the story is the industrial heritage of Stroud and its five valleys. The area, dominated originally by all aspects of the textile industry, had many mills driven by fast flowing streams.

It also attracted a wide variety of manufacturing industries. Dudbridge, where most of the Hampton cars were built, had been the base for gas and oil engines, brick-making, corn mills, brass and iron foundries, umbrella fittings and machined components. In 1919 Hampton Cars arrived.

Photographs and illustrations, all relevant to the story, help the reader to marvel at the life and times of people from an earlier generation who worked to build and drive Hamptons, The construction of the car continued until production finally ceased in the early thirties. However that was not the end of the Hampton story. one of the most interesting parts of the book is the vivid account of some of the owners, like Bonnie Monro and Max Williamson. Their experiences were many and varied. What is clear is the sheer pleasure that they and many others have derived from ownership of their Hampton cars.

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Published 1996

Price: £19.50

ISBN: #978-0953167203

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