HRG – The Sportsman’s Ideal

Author: Ian Dussek
Publisher: Motor Racing Publications Ltd

The publication of this book was notable for being first in more than one way. Not only was it the first time that a complete history had been published of the cars that combined the talents and initials of Halford, Robins and Godfrey, it was also the first book ever to benefit from the support of the Michael Sedgwick Memorial Trust. The author had already clocked up 26 years of ownership of the marque and was a co-founder of the HRG Association as well as its long-time editor and honorary secretary. This book representing the history he had researched and accumulated over that period. The cars from Tolworth had distinguished themselves in a variety of competitive events, participating in racing, sprints, hill climbs, rallying, and trials both in period and up to the current day. Helped by a remarkable survival rate the enthusiasm for these simple sports cars which put no-frills performance into the hands of enthusiasts who were of modest means is undimmed in the 21st century. Whilst this book was at the time the first and last word on the marque and the exploits of its owners in competitive motorsport, Ian Dussek did not rest on his laurels and continued to research the history of these idiosyncratic cars. In 2010 he self-published an updated and expanded book of the same title, also supported by the Michael Sedgwick Memorial Trust. The declared policy of the Trust is to only support the publication of new research and it is a tribute to Ian Dussek's 15 years of additional material that the decision was made to support this revised edition of the first ever MSMT-supported book.

Out of print (superceded by new and expanded edition)

Published 1985

Price: £

ISBN: #978-0947981044

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