The Singer Story

Author: Kevin Atkinson
Publisher: Veloce Publishing

Here is the definitive history of one of Britain's oldest, most important and influential car manufacturers. George Singer started building bicycles in Coventry in 1874 and by 1905 his company was building cars and motorcycles too. Later the company would concentrate on the manufacture of cars and commercial vehicles, bringing great success in sales and motorsport until, in the early 1950s, things began to go wrong. By 1955 Singer was absorbed into the Rootes Group and slowly lost its distinctive identity. In 1970 the last car to carry a Singer badge was built - marking the end of the great Coventry marque and hammering another nail into the coffin of Britain's once great motor industry. Thoroughly researched and with nearly 300 photos this is an important piece of automotive history.

A real Singer enthusiast, Kevin Atkinson has spent many years diligently researching the history of the Singer company. Kevin's quest for facts has brought him into contact with many helpful individuals, clubs, archives and museums and he has also received the support of the highly-respected Michael Sedgwick Trust, which encourages new research into and recording of automotive history. Kevin lives in Preston, Lancashire, England.

Published 1996, reprinted 2007. This book is available as an e-book from the publisher at Veloce Publishing | The home of fine automotive books

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ISBN: #978-187410552

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