Ford Models Y & C – Henry’s Cars for Europe

Author: Sam Roberts
Publisher: Veloce Publishing

The definitive histories of the 8 h.p. Ford Model Y and the 10 h.p. Ford Model C of 1932 to 1937 and all their worldwide variants, complete with detailed technical specifications and production records. The book traces the history from the cars' inception, through design and development and into production with its associated problems and solutions. Surviving models are also detailed. Most of the great names of the Ford Motor Company were involved with these small cars. The Model Y, in particular, had a huge impact on the history of the European family saloon car. In fact, so pleasing was the Y's design - the first streamlined mass-produced car - that Edsel Ford had it scaled up to become the beautiful V8 Model 40 of 1933/34. This heavily illustrated book (over 270 pages and 300 photographs and illustrations) is a fascinating and detailed account of the first Fords specifically designed for a market outside the U.S.A. and which changed the course of automotive history. The book is an essential reference for Model Y and Model C enthusiasts and for those with an interest in the Ford Motor Company in the first half of the 20th century

Out of print

Published 2001

Price: £35.00

ISBN: #1-901295-88-5

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