Publication of Crossley – The Rise of the Sidevalves

The Michael Sedgwick Memorial Trust supports a wide range of publications in the field of motoring history. Our latest supported book takes us to the Edwardian period and chronicles the Crossley Motors works competition team which participated at sprint events between the years 1910 and 1914. As well as recording the successes, technical innovations and drivers of Crossley, it also provides a wider picture of motorsport in those halcyon days before the outbreak of the Great War. Against the general trend of ever-increasing engine size, the Crossleys stood out as developing greater efficiency whilst limiting engine size, with the benefits of the resulting lower weight also contributing to their success. The author has amassed photographs of almost all of the events entered and this well-illustrated book also covers the stories of the works drivers Hubert Woods and Cecil Bianchi.

The author, Tom Fryars, has personal experience of these cars as the owner and restorer of the only remaining 1912 20HP Crossley. This limited edition book is published by Gorton Publishing and is available from  at £35.00

A comprehensive review by David Burgess-Wise has now been published in the December 2020 issue of The Automobile.

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