Moke – The Early Years

Author: The Mini Moke Club, Edited by Roy Scott
Publisher: The Mini Moke Club

The authorship 0f Moke - The Early Years is credited to The Mini Moke Club in its entirety. As its title suggests, those looking for production statistics and variants, its use on the TV show The Prisoner and other later activities will not find the answer here. This book is entirely devoted to the genesis and development of the Moke through prototypes as far back as 1957 up to 1963 and to the point of production.

This book contains details of how the many prototypes that were developed kept changing in design: Buckboards, Short Wheel Base, Twin Engine, True 4x4 and Pre-production Mokes. It contains previously unknown facts, photographs and Military reports about the Moke.  The influences and challenges that led the mercurial Alec Issigonis to devise this, one of the most surprising variants of his front wheel drive, transverse engine design concept, are explored in full with many never-before published photographs and documents reproduced within this book. Many colour and b/w photos and appendages.

This 200 page soft backed book is available at £20 from The Mini Moke Club at Moke The Early Years (   .

Published 2024

Price: £20.00

ISBN: #978-1-7385465-1-0

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