VSCC Prescott 4th & 5th August 2018

Members of the Society of Automotive Historians in Britain and Trustees of the MSMT were at the SAHB stand at Prescott over the VSCC weekend. The photographs show a few competitors who put one in mind of books that the MSMT has supported. First is this grey and red Vale Special. The marque history, Ave Atque Vale by Dave Cox was a book that the MSMT supported back in the 2006. Similarly HRG was a marque history by Ian Dussek supported in 1985, along with the revised and updated version published in 2010. This green prewar Morgan 4-4, competitor 80, wears cycle front wings in the manner of the TT and Le Mans cars celebrated in John Clarke's Morgan International Adventure, published in 2013 and supported by the MSMT. Finally this blue Voisin saloon seems a strange choice for a competitive run up the hill but it does remind me of the history supported by the Trust back in 1991.

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