Sir Stirling Moss OBE

There can be few in the world of motoring who have not heard the sad news of the passing of Sir Stirling Moss OBE (seen here on the left of this photograph of the car and team that finished 2nd in the 1952 Monte Carlo Rally, his first attempt at this event) on 12th April at the age of 90. Whilst the Michael Sedgwick Memorial Trust has not supported the publication of any of the many books about the man himself, it is inevitable that his life and career has had an effect which has been recorded in other books.

Most recently the winner of the Michael Sedgwick Award for 2019, The All-British Marendaz Special by Graham Skillen has recorded that Stirling visited the Marendaz works in Maidenhead at the age of six or seven with his Father. Both of Stirling's parents, Alfred and Aileen were competitive drivers of Marendaz cars in Trials, Rallies and Races. Alfred Moss also financed Marcus Marendaz in the move of his manufacturing from Brixton to Maidenhead and he and his Wife owned several Marendaz  Specials.

Back in 2009, the MSMT supported the publication by Herridge & Sons of Sunbeam-Talbot and Alpine In Detail by Anders Clausager. This emphasises the point that unlike modern day F1 drivers, Stirling competed in many disciplines and the book records the part of his rallying career that used these cars as shown in our headline photograph.



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