New Book – RGS Atalantas

The Michael Sedgwick Memorial Trust are delighted to announce that they are supporting the publication of a new book - RGS Atalantas by Alan Shattock, published by Troubador.

This book incorporates first hand recollections by the author, who is the son of the principal of RGS. The book includes many photographs from the family's collection and other photographs never previously published. RGS Atalanta pioneered and were the first recorded firm to offer production car bodies made in glassfibre, a medium which became important in the specials, kit car and sports car arenas. TVRs and Bucklers were advertised and produced with RGS Atalanta bodies, in the caser of TVR, both open and coupe styles. Production of the body shells for RGS Atalanta was later taken over by Wemyss Woodhouse, which led to one of the principals of that firm, Bill Woodhouse forming Tornado Cars Ltd, a major producer of bodies for specials and kit cars, including the Tornado Talisman, one of the best and most sought-after glassfibre sporting kit cars in the current market.

The book incorporates a brief history of the Prewar Atalanta company up to its acquisition by Dick Shattock. All subsequent developments, products  and racing activities are covered from participation in racing at many of the UK circuits, culminating in winning the over 3 litre category of the British Empire Trophy race for 1955 at Oulton Park ahead of works Jaguars and Aston Martins.

Alan Shattock has been researching the history of his father. Dick Shattock's, RGS Atalanta sports cars, his pioneering work on the use of fibreglass for the manufacture of sports car bodies and his collaborative work with John Griffiths on the production of JAG cars. The importance of Dick's entrepreneurial sports car work in reviving the Atalanta marque after the war and how, essentially as a one-man sports car designer, Dick achieved performance capable of beating the top works sports car of the mid-1950 is recounted. This is a unique story, covering the late post war period to the present time, of these two important, but less well known, marques; some RGS Atalantas still survive and still winning - but the story does not end - a new Atalanta has recently emerged. Amazingly, Alan has managed to trace almost all of the RGS Atalanta cars built by, or with the assistance of Dick, at Brookside Garage. These are believed to number about 11 cars, and, of these, six still survive and at least two, including Dick's works RGS Atalanta, are currently racing in the UK and internationally. Of over 100 fibreglass RGS Atalanta car bodies sold all over the world by Dick, Alan has traced some 28 cars fitted with these bodies, some of which are also used in competition. Alan has also put together a comprehensive account of the relationship with John Alan Griffiths and the 21 JAG cars that he built, more than two thirds of these with Dick at Brookside Garage in Berkshire.

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