Help for Potential Self-Publishers – “Books are in our DNA”

The prospect of moving from a completed manuscript to a fully-fledged book as a self-published author is a daunting one for many. There are many acronyms and arcane terms which can confuse the novice and so many decisions need to be made about the feel and look of the final product.

Short Run Press Limited, specialists in low-run self-published books, have themselves published a booklet, “Books are in our DNA”, which answers many of the questions that the would-be author may have. There is a table of book sizes and a useful glossary of the terminology used by those designing, printing and making books from Basis weight of paper and Bleed to Vignette and Wet proofs. As well as a piece about typographic styles for Headings, Sub-headings and Sidebars, there are a large number of pages in black only and four colour printing, on varying grades and finishes of paper from 80gsm Offset to 170gsm Silk. The advantage is that, armed with this booklet, the potential author can knowledgably run through the desired specification of their book with the designers and printers and make informed choices.

At a time when it may either not be permitted or convenient to visit the designers and printers, this booklet is a very helpful aid to the potential self-publishing author. A copy can be obtained, free of charge, by phoning Short Run Press on 01392 211909 or emailing

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