Celebrity endorsement for MSMT supported book

Erstwhile TV talk show host Jay Leno is renowned for his eclectic collection of cars. Regular viewers of the series Jay Leno's Garage will have realised that although the programme is squarely aimed at a US audience used to muscle cars and pickups, Leno has a genuine interest in all kinds of cars. His enthusiasm for the flat-twin Panhard PL17 which is in his personal collection is contagious as he explains the technical features of the four door saloon and alludes to the DB racers at Le Mans which used the same engine. Having referenced the owners club, Leno takes some books out of the boot of the car and shows Panhard - The flat twin cars 1945-1967 and their origins by David Beare and refers to it as the best book on the subject. The Michael Sedgwick Memorial Trust was delighted to be able to support publication in 2012 of the book by Stinkwheel Publishing from whom it is still available at £35 click on this link -  Stinkwheel Publishing – The home of "The Stinkwheel Saga" and other fine publications. The episode of Jay Leno's Garage was recorded in 2016, but has only just come to the Trust's attention. It can be viewed on YouTube here:

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