Barrie Price (1931-2022)

The MSMT has learned of the passing of the author of one of its supported books, Barrie Price, at the age of 90. Despite being best known as the owner of Lea-Francis Cars from 1962, after original production ceased, and being responsible for the Jaguar-based revival of that marque, Barrie Price's motoring interests centred around Bugatti. He was a founding trustee of the Bugatti Trust and the author's royalties from his 1999 book and the subsequent reissues - Bugatti 57 - The Last French Bugatti, as in our other photograph, were donated to the Bugatti Trust. This was only one of his Bugatti books, the others included Bugatti Types 46 & 50, Bugatti the 8 Cylinder Touring Cars 1920-1934, Bugatti Type 40 and, with Jonathan Wood, Bugatti: The Man and the Marque.

The connection between the MSMT and Barrie Price dates to 2004, when Barrie proposed to Veloce Publishing a book about the early days of Jaguar. The introduction and subsequent history of the sensational XK engine in the postwar years by Sir William Lyons' Jaguar concern, which powered Jaguar sports cars from the XK120 to the E Type, saloon cars from the MK VII to the XJ6 and of course the racing C and D Types, has been covered in many books. The prior years from Swallow Sidecars through SS Cars to the Jaguar MK V saloon had at best been summarised as a back story to these later glories. The MSMT agreed with Barrie Price that these times deserved a book to themselves and as Veloce Publishing were unconvinced that such a book was commercially viable, the MSMT agreed to support the project financially. The resulting book was The Rise of Jaguar - A Detailed Study of the 'Standard Era' 1928 to 1950


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